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CIS 480 - Information Systems Implementation

Prerequisite: CIS 215, CIS 340, CIS 380 and CIS 335 with a grade of 'C' or better in each class
Available in: Fall, Spring
Credits: 3
Type: Systems

Course Description

An in-depth study of systems development life cycle with an emphasis on implementation of an IS project. Students develop program specifications, test plans, code and test a mixed-language software application, and provide system documentation.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will develop small software applications to increase their understanding of the problem solving process and the rigor involved in the development of software applications.

  2. Students will create structure charts to increase their understanding of cohesion, coupling, and looping, and to develop a deeper understanding of good program design based on partitioning and modularity.

  3. Students will create system documentation to increase their understanding of its purpose, form, and content and to increase their communications skills, especially writing. Students will gain experience in the physical design and development of forms and reports in the Visual Studio.NET integrated development environment.

  4. Students will gain experience in using database access techniques such as ADO.NET and the Structured Query Language (SQL).

  5. Students will gain experience in coding programs in Visual Basic.NET or some other programming language such as JAVA.

  6. Students will gain experience in coding Web applications using HTML, JavaScript, PERL, and/or CGI. Students will create and implement test plans to develop a better understanding of design walkthroughs, unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

  7. Students will learn how to work together as a team and will develop personal skills needed to ensure team member empowerment and success.

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